• Increases volume, adds bounce and body!

    Increases volume, adds bounce and body!

    Contains 84 natural trace elements that create effective body building energizers.

  • Leaves curls softer than ever before.

    Leaves curls softer than ever before.

    Sulfate and silicone free. Water based formula that rinses out clean with no product build up.

  • Two Amazing Products in One Box

    Two Amazing Products in One Box

    RevUp! your curls with Volumizing Shampoo and Volumist Spray and be astounded by the power of curl energy!

Discover Body Building Support with Curl Energizers!

Packed full with body building energetizers that attract moisture in the air which is essential for creating extra volume and bounce.


RevUp Volumizing System

Body Building Support With Curl Energizers

pH 4.5-5.5

RevUp! Volumizing System adds extreme volume to your hair with the same invigorating energizers that ocean air has on hair. Ocean air creates bounce and volume to hair by deepening the ”S” formation of each curl. RevUp! Volumizing System is pakced full of body building energizers that attract moisture in the air which is essential for creating extra bounce to your hair. You will be astounded at the power of RevUp! = Curl Energy!

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Increases volume, adds body and bounce to hair.

Perfectly pH balanced for hair colour and all chemically treated hair.

Allows for several days of great curl support styling.

Protects hair from sun damage.

Philosophy of RevUp! Volumizing System

Because the body is composed entirely of minerals and water, the hydrogen in water (H2O) provides energy to cells and replaces depleted energy. Cells will weaken and die without the regular replacement of water. CHS has been able to harness the Sole energizing minerals from sunlight together with 84 natural elements packed with energy, to create RevUp! a water soluble liquid which will replace these essential minerals. Sole energy is derived from sunlight and has a direct and positive effect on your hair and scalp. RevUp! will protect hair cells from becoming weak and breaking down. It will drastically improve the moisture balance that is essential for creating volume, bounce and strength to your hair. It’s controlled humidity in a bottle.

Expert Styling Tips

Tips and Techniques to achieve maximum results with RevUp Volumizing System™.

Techniques to use to get maximum results:
With the combination of RevUp! shampoo and RevUp! Volumist you are getting the full potential of the volumizing system. Allow the shampoo to stay in the hair for 5 minutes, then rinse. Spraying RevUp! Volumist while hair is wet then a little more when hair is dry will guarantee the maximum volumizing results.

Can I still diffuse or is it best to dry naturally?
RevUp! will work on hair that is left to dry naturally on its own or hair that is diffused with a dryer.

Can I use it on dry hair? Possibly for touch ups?
RevUp! is a great and easy way to reactivate your curls on dry hair for stretching your styles for day 2, 3 or even day 4.
For added support, allow RevUp! energizing shampoo to sit on your hair longer (5 to 10 minutes) then rinse out thoroughly.

RevUp! Volumizing Shampoo will add the energy required to achieve maximum bounce and support, while keeping the hair and scalp clean and healthy.
Spray RevUp! Volumist on the root area while hair is wet for extra support.

When you want volume on day 2 or 3, flip your hair over and spray Volumist liberally on dry hair. Use a dryer with a diffuser and heat your hair as hot as you can bear it. Put the dryer away and, while your hair cools down, scrunch and squeeze your curls back to life.

When you are trying to transition from straight to curly and your ends still remain straight. Spray
generous amounts of RevUp! Volumist on your hands and squeeze those straighter ends.

While you are defuse dry your hair, you can continue spraying RevUp! Volumist on those stubborn straighter looser curls.
Tips for thin curls and for thick curls to get the most volume.
Finer curls will bounce bigger, as finer hair tends to dry faster. RevUp! not only attracts moisture into the hair, but RevUp! retains moisture in the hair. Finer hair responds immediately to RevUp!. Thicker curls tends to hold moisture longer, so the curls become bouncy over a longer time.

Can someone with medium or tight curls use this product?
Tighter curl will always benefit from the same invigorating conditions the ocean air offers. We know that tighter curls won’t need RevUp! as often as medium or looser curls will. We offer smaller travel sizes which will benefit seldom users.

Does it work for straight hair?
Straight hair really benefits from the effects of RevUp!. Straight hair tends to get greasy and lays flat. Revup! adds maximum volume and keeps straight hair styles lasting longer and fuller, especially at the root area where volume is needed the most.
What other CHS products work well with RevUp!?
All Curly Hair Solutions™ products will work extremely well with RevUp!, as all CHS products are water-soluble . RevUp! utilizes the moisture in the atmosphere to enhance bounce and spring to your curls. Curl Keeper works hand in hand with RevUp! to control all frizz related to humidity.

Is there a limit to how much you should use?
As no two people are the same, no two curls are the same either. There is no wrong way to use RevUp!, and you can’t overuse RevUp!. We suggest to use as much as the volume you want to achieve.

How long does the product last for?
RevUp! continues to work with your curls, as the body-building energisers continue attracting moisture from the air into your hair. When you are in a moist or humid environment, you will really notice the power of RevUp!

Does this work for all weather conditions?
Even in dryer weather conditions, there is moisture in our atmosphere. RevUp! will benefit hair in all climates, due to this moisture. RevUp! will help attract and maintain the moisture balance in the hair.

Does it work well on chemically treated or coloured hair?
RevUp! has the ability to repair and strengthen all hair that has been chemically treated. RevUp! is gentle on the hair and scalp on a daily basis if desired.

Will this give people more texture or give them a beachy look?
RevUp! will give your hair a beachy look without a beachy feel.

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RevUp! Volumizing System available in 2oz or 8oz.

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